Larch oil / larch turpentine

The larch turpentine is obtained by heating up the resin of the larch (larch balm). The essential oil is obtained by the needles and small twigs. 700 kg material are needed to get about one liter oil. The larch tree grows up to a height of 50 meters. The tree is widespread from Central Europe to the northern regions and can also be found in Canada and the USA. The larch tree drops off its needles in winter.

Product details

Apperance:light yellowish liquid
CAS number:91722-66-6
Origin country: Italy
Physical state:liquid
Container:10 kg net canister
INCI:Larix Europaea Wood Extract
Durability:12 months
Storage:should be stored at a cool, dry and light shielded place in original packing

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