The company W. Ulrich GmbH was founded in 1932 in Bombay, India, by Werner Ulrich. As independant sales organisation the company became part of the East Asian sales network of the former Byk-Guldenwerke Chemische Fabrik AG, Berlin and the Ets. Coutelier-Frères, Brussels.


The commercial register enrty in Germany as W. ULRICH KG was on August 1st 1948 in Munich-Starnberg and on January 30th 1952 in Berlin. Even though it was difficult for newly established chemical trading companies to take root the W. ULRICH KG had already then a diversified range: From potash and lactic acid from East Germany to camphor from India, tannin from Scotland to fruit vinegar from West German production.


Moving the office, 1975 to Steinebach/Woerthsee, 1982 to Inning/Ammersee and finally 1966 to Eresing/ Landsberg a. Lech, was caused by expasnion of the business areas and the greater space requirements. The W.ULRICH GMBH had in Eresing now a new company building with production facilities, high-bay warehouses and offices. 1988 the W. ULRICH KG became a GmbH after a reorientation.


The Ulrich GmbH distributes nowadays a variety of raw materials from international, renowned manufacturers for many key industries in following product areas: Food, Pharmacy and Cosmetic. Furthermore the company produces its own run of special components for the coatings industry, that is used in Europe and overseas. Additional, at the beginning of the 90s, a new, environmentally friendly product line of clean and care products for household and industry was developed from a small, high-quality herbal bath care product line, that used to be distributed over pharmacies. With the name ULRICH NATUERLICH or privat label for special customers more than 50 products of that line are sold over domectic and foreign specialist distribution. In recent years we reinforced focussing on advice and sale of a wide range of high-quality oils for the product sectors food and cosmetic. Because of our multiple certification and our accompanying, comprehensive training of our employees, we can call us a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers.


As an independant, medium-sized company we attach importance not only to quality and envirnonmetal friendliness of our products but also to comprehensive advice as well as service-oriented  and customer-friendly sales.  For more than 80 years, we believe by upholding our principles, in a more and more difficult environment, we are satisfied with our work and so are our customers.