Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil

is obtained from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis. Its seeds contain 50% oil. Chemically speaking jojoba oil is a liquid wax.

Characteristic properties:
* Jojoba oil is a mixture of wax esters
* High content of eicosenoic, cetoleic and oleic acid
* rich in natural vitamin E


The germinaton capacity of jojoba oil takes half a year to reach 99%. After 11 years still 38% under open storage. It grows best in alkaline sand at temperatures between 27°C and 38°C. Growing cuttings has its benefits: The quantity of female and male exemplars can be precisely determined; rooting  takes about 38 days.

Product details

Qualities:cold pressed, cold pressed organic, refined, refined organic, desodorized, desodorized organic, refined GDC, beads
Apperance:clear, golden yellow
CAS number:61789-91-1 (PCPC) / 90045-89-0 (Cosing)
Origin country: Israel, Argentina
Best befor:3 years
Physical state:liquid
Container:Canister, drum, IBC
Storage:should be stored at a cool, dry and light shielded place in original packaging

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