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Black cumin oil

Black cumin oil

is used for centuries, especially in its original growing regions Iraq, Turkey and West Asia, as seasoning and in medicine. Black cumin oil is obtained from the seeds of the "true" black cumin. It originates in South Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean region. Nowadays the main growing regions are Egypt, India, Russia and Turkey. The black cumin is an annual plant and can reach a height of 30 cm. It blossoms from june to september and grows white to grey blue flowers. In those flowers bubble-like fruit capsules (2-3mm big) carry the seeds. They contain 0,5 % -1,5 % essential oil and 40 % fatty oil. The oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds. The oil contains essential oils, linoleic acids, oleic acids, palmitic acids and a very small share of rare fatty acids. The essential oil protects the plant against oxidation.

Product details

Qualities:cold pressed, cold pressed organic
Appearance:yellow to green
CAS number:90064-32-7 / 8000-42-8
Origin country: Egypt
Physical state:liquid
Container:25 kg net canister, 180 kg net drum, 900 kg net IBC
INCI:Nigella Sativa Seed Oil
EINECS:290-094-1 / 310-127-6
Durability:16 months
Storage:should be stored at a cool, dry, light shielded place, in sealed packaging

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