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Ethyl lactate

Ethyl lactate

Ethyl lactate, lactic acid ethyl ester or 2-hydroxypropanoic acid ethyl ester is the chemical compound of lactic acid with ethanol in the form of an ester.  Depending on its synthesis, the substance is available as racemate or pure substance.

If ethyl lactate is split back into its starting materials ethanol and lactic acid (e.g. by a chemical reaction), it can be decomposed in nature. Esterases, naturally occurring enzymes, can also carry out the split back into the original materials. Lactic acid ethyl ester is therefore considered a "green solvent", as it does not leave any toxic decomposition products in the ecosystem. This provides an advantage over chlorinated solvents or glycols or glycol ethers, which have a higher biological toxicity.

In this product area, we work together with the European manufacturers Corbion / Purac (Purasolv ®) and Galactic (Galaster ™), among others.

Product details

Qualities:99,5 % FCC, 98 % technical
CAS number:687-47-8/97-64-3/141-78-6
EG number:211-694-1/202-598-0
Origin country: Belgium, Netherlands, Japan
Physical state:liquid
INCI:Ethyl lactate
Durability:24 months
Storage:should be stored at a cool, dry and light shielded place

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