Ethyl lactate

Ethyl lactate

is an ester of the acetic acid and ethanol. That is why it has also following names: Acetic acid ethyl ester or acetic ester. It can also be obtained from acetaldehyde. For the industrial use ethyl lactate is obtained from lactic acid. Mostly processed by fermentation of sugar. Therefore it is a salt of lactic acid. The chemical term for the substance is ethyl (S)-2-hydroxypropionate. The product is a clear liquid, smelling like glue. It is easily soluble in water and organic substances. The dangerous goods term is UN 1192 Ethyllactat,3,III,(D/E). The product is availabe for the food (FCC) and technical sector. In this product sector we work together with the european manufacturers Corbion / Purac (Purasol ® ) and Galactic (Galaster ™).

Product details

Qualities:99,5 % FCC, 98 % technical
CAS number:687-47-8/97-64-3/141-78-6
EG number:211-694-1/202-598-0
Origin country: Belgium, Netherlands, Japan
Physical state:liquid
INCI:Ethyl lactate
Durability:24 months
Storage:should be stored at a cool, dry and light shielded place

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